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Dining table set for breakfast

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In the past I have called for an instruction menu, especially in the case of one-shot sessions.  While I still see a menu as valuable, a recent course has refined my thinking on this issue.

The course was called Dynamic.One-shot Library Instruction.  The instructors, Heidi Buchanan and Beth McDonough, stressed the importance of conversations with course instructors, both in planning one-shots and in following up.  Conversations with my fellow course participants were an added bonus.  Through these exchanges I picked up some techniques to freshen up future sessions.

Focusing on a menu alone would be like ordering at a fast-food restaurant.  While fast food has its place, there is much to be said for sitting down to a leisurely meal with a friend.  Focusing more on the conversations would be like such a meal.

Please join your librarians for talks around the information literacy table.  If they take place around an actual meal (paying my own way, of course), I wouldn’t mind.