The commencement of lifelong learning

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Commencement was a wonderful reminder of why we do what we do!  To borrow the cliché our graduates are starting on a new learning path.  Let us renew our commitment to lifelong learning as well.  How do we model lifelong learning for our next group of students?  I’ve started to assemble some readings on the subject:

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Blanchard, K. D. (2012). Modeling lifelong learning: Collaborative teaching across disciplinary lines. Teaching Theology & Religion, 15(4), 338-354. doi:10.1111/j.1467-9647.2012.00826.x

Cooper, S. (2013). Class by class and measure by measure: Modeling lifelong learning. General Music Today, 26(2), 3-3. doi:10.1177/1048371312469376

Stay tuned for more thoughts on the subject!  In the meantime I’ll close with the poem (translated afterward) I promised to share last year:

Prépare ton esprit.

Étudie ton métier,

Comme la chimie ou la poésie.

Ne cesse pas d’apprendre.

Prépare ton con coeur et ton âme aussi.

N’oublie pas la charité.

Attends, attends, mon ami,

La joie inattendue.

TRANSL:  Prepare your mind.

Study your trade,

Like chemistry or poetry.

Never cease to learn.

Prepare your heart and your soul as well.

Do not forget charity.

Wait, wait, my friend,

For unexpected joy.