Five InfoSavvy years

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Since I had gradually gone from occasional contributor to regular contributor, I don’t really know when I started posting regularly to this blog.  I do know that I have been posting in some capacity for over five years.  In honor of this milestone–whenever it was–I’ll share some of my favorite entries.

I’ll start with my posts from 10/13/11 and 4/5/12.  Those were in honor of my mom and my dad respectively.

I also enjoy the posts based on TV or on leisure reading.  My favorite TV-themed post would have to be the 7/5/12 Greatest American Hero piece.  My favorite summer reading post is the “Earl and the smuggling master” piece from 7/18/13.

I’ll close with my 9/1/11 piece and my 2/7/13 post.   Those two posts speak to how I value lifelong learning.

On that note I don’t wish to simply reminisce about past entries.  Note that I listed six items–five to represent five years, and one to grow on.

Keep watching for future posts–starting with next week’s.  Thanks for reading!