An informed musical for July 4th

Vintage July 4th postcard

Image from New York Public Library Digital Gallery

At this time of the year I couldn’t resist mentioning the musical 1776.  The show’s book is  interesting from an information standpoint as well.

The book includes historical notes (Stone & Edwards, 1998, pp.153-165).  This section covers both historically accurate details and details changed for dramatic reasons.   Stone and Edwards even describe how these details were changed: added, deleted, or guessed at.  They also mention events that were rearranged.  Of course they include a bibliography  (pp.169-171).

Though we look for informed work in research papers, let’s not forget information use in other realms, such as musical theater.  I wish you and yours a safe, happy July 4th!


Stone, P., & Edwards, S. (1998). 1776: A musical play. New York, NY: Penguin Books. (Original work published 1970)