When librarians get together

Portland Public Library

By Namiba.Namiba at en.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

The Social Science Librarians Boot Camp wasn’t my only recent conference.  On June 6 I had attended the Southern Maine Library District Reference Librarians’ meeting.  We attendees gained much from getting together.

We discussed improvements to the Marvel! statewide resources page.  We offered many suggestions.  Though they weren’t directly from regular users, the comments were informed by our day-to-day interactions with our patrons.

We also discussed a trial discovery service, similar to USM’s OneSearch.  At press time we are testing it and offering feedback.

The event had its lighter moments as well.  We even shared favorite entertainment sites.  If you really want an insight into the world of librarians, check out their entertainment.

Since I like song parodies, I couldn’t resist sharing this video by James McGrath.  I hope you are having entertaining get-togethers.