College readiness and info lit

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An adult ed colleague recently told me about the College & Career Readiness Standards for Adult Ed (U.S. Department of Education, 2013).  Thinking of the adult students in our classes, I took a look at the document.  Chapter Four speaks to information literacy.

It begins with a discussion of shifts in literacy instruction.  Shift One is a shift to “regular practice with  complex text and its academic language” (p. 9).  Information literacy habits only become habits if you practice them.  Also, scholarly articles are complex and use academic language.  Where and how can we provide opportunities for students to engage with such language?

This question connects to Shift 3, “Building knowledge through content-rich nonfiction” (p. 10).  To find such material students need to recognize such material.  To recognize such material they even need exposure to it.

The document was written for a college prep setting.  Still, many current students have the same needs.


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