The possibilities of collaboration

National Library Week logo

Image from the American Library Association

National Library Week (April 12-18) will soon be here.  This year’s theme is unlimited possibilities.  What could the theme mean for colleges and their libraries?

Possibilities abound in terms of curricular collaborations.  Lippincott (2015) describes librarians and instructors working together not only in freshman comp, but also in upper-level courses.  Likewise she envisions a greater range of student projects in a variety of media.  Page 36 of the article has a handy chart describing these and related shifts.

How would such collaborations look in our libraries and classrooms?  The possibilities are bounded only by our instructional needs and our imaginations.


Lippincott, J.K. (2015, March/April). The future for teaching and learning: Librarians’ deepening involvement in pedagogy and curriculum.  American Libraries, 46(3/4), 34-37. Retrieved from