Space for Collaboration

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On May 8  ACRL’s New England Chapter held its annual conference, “Spacing Out with the Library.”  Both keynote speakers discussed the role of space in fostering collaboration.  Marie Sorensen (Sorensen Partners | Architects + Planners, Inc.) focused on physical space, while David Weinberger (Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University) focused on virtual space.  Librarians can enhance these spaces to foster shared stories and a sense of community.

Collaboration with stakeholders can change a space.   Cate Hirschbiel and Julie Petzold (Emerson College) described how they sought user input for a redesign.  Then they shared their  challenges communicating progress on the project .  They also shared images of the new room in varied uses.

In their session Matt Bejune and Sam O’Connell (Worcester State University) took listeners through different iterations of their information literacy assignments.   They described how the lessons became more active each time.  They stressed the importance of building a good working relationship.  Most importantly they encouraged listeners to take chances in their teaching collaborations.

Other highlights included a session on flipped classrooms  (Eric Styles, Sarah Zimmermann, and Eric LaForest; The Loomis Chaffee School) and a tour of the Osher Map Library.  Thanks to the Osher Map Library for providing the physical space.   Thanks to ACRL New England for streaming the conference to there across virtual space.  Doesn’t that arrangement sound like a collaboration?