Journeys of curiosity

Yellow brick road on the Pennine Way bridleway, United Kingdom

Image by Bob Jenkins [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


I hope you’re enjoying your summer–and your summer reading.  I just read Kristin Chenoweth’s memoir, A Little Bit Wicked.

The title alludes to Chenoweth’s role as Galinda in the Broadway musical Wicked (Chenoweth & Rodgers, 2009). Kruse and Prettyman (2008) had looked at women’s leadership styles as embodied in the show’s three major female characters.

The article and the memoir have sparked my curiosity about the musical’s source material (Maguire, 1996).  After all, isn’t curiosity part of information literacy (Hensley, 2004)?

My summer reading has taken me to Broadway, to the leadership literature and to Oz.  Where is your summer reading taking you?


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