Government information

Last week I mentioned intergovernmental resources.  Let’s not overlook information produced by our own government. lets students (and the rest of us) find government data on a variety of subjects (Devine & Egger-Sider, 2014, p. 49).  We searchers can browse topics or type in keywords.

Let’s not forget the Government Publishing Office as well.  FDsys allows us to search its digital holdings.  A search for “higher education” and “transfer students” yielded 213 results.

Peer-reviewed journals have their place on the information landscape.  So do government documents.


Devine, J., & Egger-Sider, F. (2014, March/April).  Goging beyond Google again: Strategies for using and teaching the invisible web.  American Libraries, 45(3/4), 48-51.