Open Access and Your Work

Information literacy includes developments in scholarly communication (Association of College & Research Libraries, 2015).  With this point in mind I salute Open Access Week (October 19-15).

McKinnon and Helge (2014) offer a good basic overview of open access as a concept.  They explain the difference between green open access, where the item is freely available, and gold open access, which often involves an author fee to the publisher.  An example of the former would be preprint articles in an institutional repository (pp. 14-15).

I oversimplify for the sake of discussion.  Still, the mention of a repository serves as a good reminder about our repository, Digital Commons@USM.  If you have recently published or presented something, let your liaison librarian know.  He or she can add your work to the repository.   There it can get more of the attention it deserves!


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