Managing information

Thanksgiving Dinner

Image By D Sharon Pruitt/ Pink Sherbet Photography from USA [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Since we are nearing a holiday that celebrates abundance, how do we manage (overly) plentiful information?  This week let’s explore this question.

Zastrow (2014) offers a useful overview of personal information management with plentiful resources.  One of those sources is helping me organize my photos: yes, even those of us who deal with information for a living can use some tips.

In The Creative Habit choreographer Twyla Tharp (2006) describes how she organizes the research for her dances.  Though she explains why she uses her particular system, she urges readers to find systems that work for them.  The key is to have a system (pp. 78-90).

These readings are but two sources for inspiration.  How do you manage information abundance?


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