Re-conceptualizing Student Services for the Non-Traditional Learner

In the early days of online learning, institutions that embraced online education enjoyed limited competition and strong student demand, driven in large part by the convenience and access that new online programs offered. The focus was on scaling to meet student demand and building quality online programs. Targeted student services to personalize learning and help promote student success fell lower down on the priority list.

Much has changed since then. Many institutions now view serving non-traditional students as vital to their success. A growing recognition that most students are now non-traditional, coupled with our national imperative to improve access to education have helped shift attention to improving rates of retention and student success and ways to help less academically prepared students succeed in college-level work.

Read more of this article on The EvoLLLution website, published September 21, 2015.
Author Paul Cochrane, Director of Online Learning and Teaching
Center for Technology Enhanced Learning

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