Faculty Commons is now “The Center”

2016-098P Collab and Development Sign Faculty Commons has had a name change! We are now the Center for Collaboration and Development. I know, it’s a great name, but it’s a mouthful! To shorten it down you can call us either “The Center”, or the “CCD.” I’ll be using “The Center.”

Why did we change our name? After having many conversations with USM faculty and staff it became obvious that the name did not tell anyone what the group did, or what the goals were. People were confused about the focus, and many didn’t even know it existed. After months of brainstorming, surveying faculty and staff, and combining and rearranging words that represented the goals of this group(Honestly, this was harder than naming my kids!) we came up with, Center for Collaboration and Development.

Collaboration highlights the goals of creating community amongst USM educators, and building relationships that foster collaboration. Development in teaching, scholarship, and learning has always been the major goal of this group and is now more obvious in the name.

I hope may of you can join us for the events we will be hosting at the Center!

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