Social media issues and info lit

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During winter session I took a course about social media.  The course raised interesting questions about balance in information technology and society.

How do we balance attention to the outer world of online connection with attention to our inner lives of reflection?  How do we balance individual privacy with collective security?  How do we balance our personal action with larger social action?  This balance would play out differently for each of us.  Our circumstances and talents differ.

To find our respective places in the world of information, we need to understand the world of information.  The ACRL Information Literacy Framework (Association of College & Research Libraries, 2015) pays greater attention to this larger context.   I recommend the resources listed on the library’s Hot Topics: Online Privacy guide. The class also read the book Hamlet’s Blackberry.


Association of College & Research Libraries. (2015).  Framework for information literacy for higher education. Retrieved from ACRL website :

Powers, W. (2010).  Hamlet’s Blackberry : A practical philosophy for building a good life in the digital age. New York, NY: Harper.

P.S.  The latest edits to the guide were thanks to some of the class readings.