Spring ’16 Mid-Term Evaluation Is Here

If you’re teaching an online or blended course at USM this spring, CTEL has good news for you. It is time to ask your students for mid-term feedback!


CTEL has created an anonymous mid-term survey exclusively for students in online and blended courses. The survey draws heavily upon some of the criteria of the ‘Quality Scorecard’ of the Online Learning Consortium. In Fall ’15, 84 students in 13 courses participated to provide likert scale as well as open ended feedback to their instructors. The timing of this survey allows students to voice their concerns and appreciation while the course is still in progress, and the instructors to use this feedback to make changes, if necessary. If you would like to sign up your course for this evaluation, please send an email to rucha.modak at maine.edu with the subject line ‘Spring ’16 Mid-Term Evaluation’ and I will create a custom copy of the survey for your class. As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!

3 thoughts on “Spring ’16 Mid-Term Evaluation Is Here

  1. HI Rucha –

    I welcome involvement with this mid-term assessment in all four of my spring ’16 semester courses: HRD 600, HRD 630 (= blended), HRD 649, and HRD 687/698/699.

    I hope you are still thinking of collaborating with me next fall in the facilitation of HRD 600. Please let me know what thoughts/questions you have, etc.

    Be well –


  2. Hi Mike,

    I will share survey links with you shortly. And I’m absolutely collaborating with you on HRD600 come fall 🙂 In fact, we’re currently in the process of integrating it into my profile.


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