National Library Week 2016

Image from the American Library Association

National Library Week 2016 (April 10-16) has as its theme Libraries Transform.  The slogan raises an important question: whom or what do libraries transform?  I’ll focus on academic libraries or–more accurately–librarians.

At our best we librarians transform student perceptions about academic work.  We strive to make the research process less intimidating.  Increased confidence and competence can extend beyond the student’s college career.

We transform our own perceptions and skill sets, as we encounter new demands.  These demands come from new technologies, campus initiatives, and more.  Then we share the knowledge we gain.  In turn the people we inform can use that knowledge.  Soon the learning transforms the campus.

Though I present an ideal, this ideal is lifelong learning.   It is information literacy.  National Library Week keeps the ideal in mind.