SSL Boot Camp Part 2

Tufts University Campus
By Daderot (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Between the morning sessions was an informal discussion on, among other topics, finding data sets.  The afternoon sessions addressed this issue.

Crystal Orjiako (Bureau of Labor Statistics) introduced us participants to BLS resources.  I found the American Time Use Survey and the Beyond the Numbers publication most interesting.  Overall the site has plentiful information on employment, living conditions, prices, and more.

The final session gave us a taste of data repositories, especially the Harvard Dataverse Project.  Alex Caracuzzo (Baker Library, Harvard Business School) explained how the site contains dataverses, which can contain data sets, which can contain files.  The files vary in terms of access.  A search for “leadership”  yielded 4 dataverses, 873 data sets, and 565 files.  Since the session placed repositories in the larger data lifecycle, I should also mention the concept of a General Records Schedule, for maintaining records in a systematic fashion.

I invite you to explore these resources for yourselves.  I plan to keep doing so, too.


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