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This summer ABC has revived some popular game shows (Gonzalez, 2016).  Because I wish to use them thoughtfully, I have been slow to adopt classroom games.  Still, I’m reviving a game of my own.

I posted about games in 2013.  Shortly afterward I took a professional development course where I had to create a game.  I thought of how different sources do different jobs.  Then I remembered the What’s My Line? revival from childhood (What’s my line?, n.d.).  Players can guess a person’s occupation.  Why can’t they guess a source’s occupation?

The game has sat on my computer since that time.  For face-to-face classes I rarely get to cover source types in detail.  Besides, I question how familiar What’s My Line? is to most people.  All the same I’m seeing what I can do to re-work it.  Stay tuned!


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