My 2016 Favorites, Part 1

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Can we really be nearing the end of 2016?!  I’ll continue my tradition of sharing favorite professional reads of 2016.  Here are the first five, in alphabetical order:

Baer, A. (2016, December 7). Critical pedagogy, critical conversations: Expanding dialogue about critical library instruction through the lens of

composition and rhetoric. In the Library With the Lead Pipe. Retrieved from

Baer looks outside of the library literature to raise important questions about critical pedagogy.  If critical pedagogy is supposed to encourage questioning, shouldn’t it include a questioning of itself?

Becher, M. (2016, November). What can we learn from recent LibGuides usability studies?

Retrieved from

Becher gathers handy tips (on creating research guides) and shares them with the right audience.  In a way she not only writes about usability, but also practices it.

Bond, P. (2016). Addressing information literacy through student-centered learning. Education for Information, 32(1), 3-9. doi: 10.3233/EFI-150961

In this article we see the development of a collaboration between an instructional technologist and a librarian (Bond).  We see some exciting active learning strategies–for ex. student-supplied readings to replace a course text–as well.

Bronkhorst, L.H., & Akkerman, S. F. (2016). At the boundary of school: Continuity and discontinuity in learning across contexts. Educational Research

Review, 19, 18-35. doi:10.1016/j.edurev.2016.04.001

Bronkhorst and Akkerman bring together the results of 186 studies on learning across contexts (p. 18).  Indeed learning inside the classroom and learning outside the classroom should inform each other.

Buchanan, H., Skene, L., Hallyburton, A., & Steiner, S. (2016, March). Reaching faculty during the summer: Taking inspiration from the blogosphere.

College & Research Libraries News, 77(3), 140-143. Retrieved from

Buchanan and company model innovative outreach to faculty.  In this project they keep in mind professional development needs and the rhythms of the academic year.


Stay tuned for the remaining five picks next week.  In the meantime Happy New Year!

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