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Commencement speeches often remind us to keep learning.  While I admire the sentiment, how do we keep it from becoming a cliché?  I found one possible answer in a book about questions.

Make just one change outlines a system for students to develop their own questions.  It uses varied case studies to illustrate the process (Rothstein & Santana, 2011).

Asking better questions is a goal not only for our students, but for ourselves.  Bell (2017) writes about questioning as a leadership practice.

Asking questions figures into the ACRL Framework as well.  The Authority is Constructed and Contextual frame invites us to question power structures.  The Searching as Strategic Exploration frame invites us to question our search strategies (Association of College & Research Libraries, 2016).

Graduates, congratulations, and keep asking thoughtful questions.  May the rest of us keep asking thoughtful questions, too!


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