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Last time I discussed learning about my new phone.  One of my goals was to download audiobooks from Maine Infonet’s Download Library.  Since it is Audiobook Month, June is an ideal time to plug Maine Infonet’s Download Library and talk about audiobooks.

Explore the Download Library for yourself.  There you’ll find a variety of ebooks and digital audiobooks.  Of course you can use MaineCat to search for CD audiobooks as well.

The Information Creation as Process frame considers the “unique capabilities and constraints of each creation process” (Association of College & Research Libraries, 2016, Introduction sub-section).  Puckett (2016) describes the process of creating an audiobook–from casting narrators to post-production.  Good narration and production are qualities we’d seek specifically in an audiobook.

As mentioned above, even audiobooks as a category come in different formats with different requirements.  Download Library books, for example, work on certain devices and not on others (“The Download Library,” 2017, Important Questions & Answers section).  Knowing such requirements is part of informed use.

This month I’ve enjoyed Twenty Years After, by Alexandre Dumas, on my phone and Paris to the Moon, by Adam Gopnik, on CD.  Enjoy your summer reading in whatever format best meets your needs.



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P.S.  Let’s not forget the winners of the 2017 Audies.

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