Maine Academic Libraries Day 2017

Diamond Building, Colby College
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June 15 brought us this year’s Maine Academic Libraries Day.  Margarita Noriega’s keynote speech highlighted some useful resources and drew thoughtful questions from the audience.

Nancy Lewis, Amber Gray, Grace Liu, and Jen Bonnet (University of Maine) showcased four initiatives at the Fogler Library : a student book club, a faculty “Books in my Life” series, student-led technology workshops, and a Wikipedia editing event.  The goal of each project was to foster engagement with information.  The events took such engagement beyond the realm of class assignments.

For the second session Jen Bonnet and Marisa Méndez-Brady (University of Maine) discussed their peer coaching project, a study group.  They described the pre-conference for goal setting, the study group itself, and the post-conference for reflection/assessment.  In groups participants discussed when they might use peer-coaching (I could see librarians and writing tutors learning from each other.).  Overall peer coaching requires trust and commitment, but has potential as flexible, cost-effective professional development.

Sarah Lucchesi (University of Southern Maine) wrapped up the day with a session on reflective journaling.  The technique can foster student engagement with the material and with faculty.  Though she had used reflective questions in a for-credit course, she offered adaptations for one-shot sessions.  In fact she began the session with a prompt for participants.

Thanks to these presenters for engaging talks.  Thanks to the Colby College Libraries for their usual gracious hospitality.

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