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With the recent heat I couldn’t resist using a snowman image.  I also use it to make a point about information use.

Once I saw a flyer with the image of Olaf, the snowman from Disney’s Frozen.Disney generally protects its copyright.  Stanford University’s Fair Use Project even spliced together Disney footage to make a point about fair use: The result is a video called “A Fair(y) Use Tale” (Honan, 2007). The Frozen phenomenon has since influenced a less intense approach by Disney (Leonard, 2014).  Still, you want to think before using images of known characters.

For presentations you have alternatives to highly protected media.  The Creative Commons site lets you search for media you can re-use.: I used it to find the above image.  As a creator you can license your work for the level of permission you wish to grant (non-commercial use, etc.).

The USM libraries also have a guide to  giving presentations.  One of the boxes, Enhancing Your Presentation, lists sources of re-usable content.

If you assign a presentation this fall, share these resources with your students.  In the meantime keep enjoying your summer.



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