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At the start of spring semester I mentioned a new resource called BrowZine.  In case BrowZine is still new to you, here’s a reminder.

BrowZine is a visually interesting way to browse journals.  Serendipity has its place in research (Association of College & Research Libraries, 2016, Searching as Strategic Exploration section, Dispositions subsection), and BrowZine encourages unexpected finds.  I even found a nursing history article (Hardy & Corones, 2017) in a journal about fashion.

BrowZine is as functional as it is fun, though.  You can create virtual bookshelves of your favorite journals. After all, organizing your information is part of information literacy (ACRL, 2016, Research as Inquiry section, Knowledge Practices subsection).  You don’t need to clutter your inbox with table of contents reminders: You can simply go to your bookshelves at your own convenience.

I did not intend the above as an advertisement for BrowZine.  Still, I invite you to try it for yourself.  Then you’ll know if it meets your needs.


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Hardy, S., & Corones, A. (2017). The nurse’s uniform as ethopoietic fashion. Fashion Theory, 21(5), 523-552. doi:10.1080/1362704X.2016.1203090

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