Info Lit and Student Journeys

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My work with capstone students has made me think of the student journey.  More accurately I think of the levels to the journey.

The first is probably the most obvious one.  How do we support students from their first course to graduation–especially when their first USM course is not their first course overall?  Sandelli (2017) describes the many different paths transfer students take.  The ACRL Framework describes information literacy as “extending the arch of learning throughout students’ academic careers” (Association of College and Research Libraries, 2016, Introduction section).

Another level is the journey  from start to completion of a single project.  The Research as Inquiry frame (ACRL, 2016) speaks to this journey.

Then we have the level of a single search.  Brahme, Gabriel, and Stenis (2016) apply the concept of journey mapping to library customer service.  They explore how actual users search.  Do they take the recommended search path, and how do they feel about their searches?

These points may seem obvious.  Still, we want to attend to all journeys: from micro-level to macro-level, and everything in between.


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