Open Access Week 2017: Bringing quality content together

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Recently I heard about two initiatives bringing together open content and subscription content. In a webinar presenters André Avorio and Jenna Makowski (Alexander Street) speak about these projects, The Open Music Library and The Anthropology Commons, respectively.

The webinar itself goes into detail about the projects themselves (Avorio, Makowski, & Derks, 2017). The great takeway is that open content and subscription content can actually complement each other. The Open Music Library, for instance, allows users to find a score and supplemental material about the same piece. In the case of Anthropology Commons a portion of subscription royalties will go toward digitizing additional content.

These are but two projects from a single company.  They are but two ways to bring together open content and subscription content.  Also, this post is not an advertisement for Alexander Street.  All the same Open Access Week (October 23-29) is a great time to learn more about open access.  After all information literacy concerns information quality, no matter the format (Association of College & Research Libraries, 2016, Information Creation as a Process section).


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