Photos and information skills

Sample scrapbook page
By chris_hertel (Spring-Blossom) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
After Thanksgiving I completed a photo book for my brother, who lives out of state.  The process involved a number of real -world information skills.

First of all the book’s intended audience guided my choice of photos.  I picked ones that my brother either had never seen or at least would find meaningful.  In other words I tried to “match an information need with an appropriate product” (Association of College & Research Libraries, 2016, Information Creation as a Process section, Dispositions subsection).

Secondly I had to balance my initial vision for the book with the options available on the photo sharing site.  The Information Creation as a Process frame (ACRL, 2016) speaks to this point.

Finally I spoke to customer service representatives when I had questions.   The representatives, as an employee of the company, would know the site well, so they would have authority based on subject expertise.  The Authority is Constructed and Contextual frame (ACRL, 2016) recognizes this type of authority.

I hope you were able to share memories with those you love at Thanksgiving.  Here’s wishing you the best for the rest of the semester.


Association of College & Research Libraries. (2016). Framework for information literacy for higher education. Retrieved from ACRL website :

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