There’s an app for that — Using EdShelf

“There’s an app for that,” has become a well-worn cliché. But like most clichés, there is a grain of truth in it.  Consider the multitude of apps for education. Go online and it is easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of apps available ranging from subscription services to freeware, from complex platforms to simple interactives, from standalones to add-on enhancements.

How do you know which apps are worthwhile, and which you could put to use? provides a solution for sorting through the tsunami of potential apps for teaching and learning. When you go to you can take advantage of the search functions, recommendations, and reviews from a community of teachers, faculty, and designers.

The sort and search tool allows you to see free or paid apps by platform, subject, keyword and more.

Once you locate an app you want to know more about, you can review a video overview and detailed description, with reviews of from actual users.

Finally, you can join the Edshelf community and create your own curated shelf of apps that you are using, find useful, and would recommend to others.

Likewise, you can search the shelves of other users to identify apps that come recommended. is a time-saver, and allows you to keep up with what’s new in apps for education, and join a community of users that are testing and advancing technology solutions for teaching and learning.

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