Welcome Back Spring 2018

Three teacups in outdoor setting
By samer daboul, CC0 License, Retrieved from https://www.pexels.com/photo/shallow-focus-photo-of-three-white-brown-and-black-ceramic-floral-mugs-on-saucers-754827/

We librarians welcome you back to the new semester.  We hope you had a safe, pleasant winter session.

As always we’re ready to visit your classes.  The visit can be at time of greatest need.   We can still create customized research guides as well.

Please remind your students to make sure that their USM cards are activated as library cards.  Students in face to face classes can contact the nearest campus library.  Online students can visit the Library Resources, Tech Support,  & Online Services box of the Student Resources guide.

Here’s wishing you a great semester!   We’re here for you.

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