Metaliteracies and Useful Conversations

Eyeglasses in foreground and computer screen in background
By Kevin Ku, CC0 License, Retrieved from

We librarians bandy about the term “information literacy.”  How does it relate to other literacies, though, and why does this question matter?

Mackey and Jacobson (2011) relate information literacy to such concepts as media literacy, cyberliteracy, visual literacy, and information fluency.   This discussion can spark conversations between librarians and subject faculty.  What literacies do we respectively–and collectively– most want students to develop?   What are we already doing to foster these literacies?  With this understanding we can better coordinate our efforts.


Mackey, T. P., & Jacobson, T. E. (2011). Reframing information literacy as a metaliteracy.  College & Research Libraries, 72(1), 62-78. Retrieved from

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