Info Lit and Occasional Verse for Commencement

Two women in graduation gear
By Jonathan Daniels, Retrieved from

Information literacy places an individual’s information use in a larger social context (Association of College & Research Libraries, 2016, Introduction).  Likewise, occasional verse sets one poet’s craft to a larger social purpose.  The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics describes this public function (Miner, Smith, & Brogan, 2012, para. 1).

Several years ago I attempted a graduation poem.  In honor of Commencement 2018 here’s another poem:

Les mortiers décorés:
Laissez les gemmes luire!
Laissez les fleurs fleurir!
Célébrez la transformation
De votre formation.
Vous sortez de l’université
Pour un univers où les informations
Sont nombreuses comme des étoiles–
Ou comme des paillettes lustrées.

Decorated mortarboards:
Let the gems gleam!
Let the flowers blossom!
Celebrate the transformation
Of your education.
You leave the university
For a universe where bits of information
Are numerous as stars–
Or as shiny sequins.


Happy National Poetry Month (retroactively)!  Congratulations–and apologies– to the Class of 2018!


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P.S.  My apologies to native French speakers for any mistakes.

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