Conference self-care and information sharing

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In February I posted about self-care.  In April I posted about conference keynotes.  This week I’ll combine the two themes: How do we take care of ourselves–in body mind, or spirit–at conferences?

At a conference Richards (2014) asked a similar question to a group of nursing leaders.  The nurses shared their thoughts.  Then she shared some of those responses in her article, so that those who didn’t attend the conference would benefit.  Though it would apply to most professionals. this information was meant for nurses, so it appears in a nursing magazine.   The brief format of the piece also lends itself to practical application.  To paraphrase the ACRL Framework, the product matches its intended purpose  (Association of College & Research Libraries, 2016, Information Creation as a Process section, Knowledge Practices subsection).

I’ll share two of my  self-care strategies.  First of all I try to walk outside of the conference site–even if just a brief stroll.  Secondly I take manual notes (as a respite from screen reading and as a way to listen better).   How do you practice conference self-care?


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