Association of College and Research Libraries Roadshow

View from Hathorn Hall at Bates College
By Wentworth Washington [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons
On May 11  ACRL’s  Roadshow came to town.   Anali Perry (Arizona State University) and Rachael Samberg (UC Berkeley) helped us participants unpack the seemingly obvious idea of scholarly communication.

We considered the different stakeholders involved in the process.  To think of the scholars we most often serve, we developed personae representing them.  Since I couldn’t single out one faculty member, I thought of an aggregate student.  This reflection still proved useful, as students are unfamiliar with the scholarly publishing cycle: How do we convey such taken-for-granted norms to students?  Where can we best help our particular faculty with their research and publishing needs?

We discussed different aspects of the scholarly publishing cycle.  We looked at sample contracts and saw how different they can be from journal to journal (When you get an article accepted for publication, read the fine print.).  We discussed open access journals, a topic which I want to pursue with my faculty. We looked at different ways–traditional and nontraditional–to measure one’s scholarly impact.  We even got a refresher on the basics of copyright and fair use.

We discussed data management as well.  Data management is not for numbers only, and basic concepts could apply to everyday information.  For example think of the documents we create as part of our committee work.  If they are not named well, they may be hard to find when we need them later.

Overall the event gave me food for thought.  For instance how do we critique traditional metrics while helping new faculty navigate them?  Speaking of food I also thank Bates College for its hospitality.


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