Banned Books Week 2018

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Banned Books Week (September 23-29) is here again.  This year’s slogan, Banning Books Silences Stories, resonates well with information literacy.

We have the Authority is Constructed and Contextual frame (Association of College & Research Libraries, 2016), for example.  Who is challenging books, and in what settings do they do so?  Who has the authority to respond to the challenges?

The Scholarship as Conversation frame (ACRL, 2016) applies to reading overall .  Whose stories are silenced?  Who is denied the benefit of hearing those stories–of learning from them or being inspired by them?

What book is currently inspiring you?  Might it have been a banned or challenged book?  You can check the  lists of the top ten most challenged books for each year since 2001 (American Library Association, 2013).  You might be surprised at what’s listed.


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Image Credit: American Library Association


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