Welcome Back Fall 2019

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Welcome back, everyone!

I hope the summer treated you well.   Over the summer I have been weeding both my home office and my library office.  I have discussed weeding before, most notably in my 05/18/17 post.  As weeding needs to be done periodically, though, shouldn’t we revisit the topic every so often?

The ACRL Framework notes that information can be static or dynamic (Association of College and Research Libraries, 2016, p. 14).  The whole concept of weeding information rests on this idea.  After all, we keep information that still meets a need.  We discard information that no longer meets a need.  This point also relates to matching an information product with a given need (p. 15).

When we discard something, we need to consider issues of privacy (ACRL, 2016, p. 17) and ethics (p. 19) as well.  If papers contain private information, we shred them.  Those guidelines could take up a discussion in themselves.  Still, they are part of weeding.

Then we organize what remains.  The Research as Inquiry frame mentions how we “organize information in meaningful ways” (ACRL, 2016, p. 18).

What does this discussion have to do with a welcome?  Of course we librarians gladly help students find and evaluate information.  We can cover other issues, too.  The ones mentioned here are but an example.

We librarians look forward to working with you.  In the meantime we wish you a happy, productive fall semester!


Association of College & Research Libraries. (2016). Framework for information literacy for higher education. Chicago, IL: Author.

Image Credit: Viktor Talashuk, from Unsplash

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