Banned Books Week 2019

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Welcome to Banned Books Week 2019!  This year’s theme (“Censorship leaves us in the dark.”)  brings to mind–to my mind, at least–footlights and spotlights.

What plays have been censored, or their productions banned?  Where did these incidents happen, and under what circumstances?   The book Banned plays : Censorship histories of 125 stage dramas explores such questions (Soya, 2004).  

For more books on the topic we can search the subject headings  Theater–Censorship–History or Drama–Censorship–History.  Using a search result to find controlled vocabulary (subject headings) is an example of strategic searching (Association of College & Research Libraries, 2016).

Banned Books Week runs September 22-28.  We need not limit intellectual freedom or information literacy to a single week, though.


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